Research Areas

Diffusion MRI in the Body

By sensitizing the MRI signal to the molecular diffusion within tissue, we can non-invasively probe tissue microstructure. Using appropriate signal models, we can extract quantitative measures of tissue microstructure from diffusion MRI data.

Quantification of Iron Deposition

We develop and validate novel techniques for quantification of iron deposition in tissue, particularly using emerging techniques such as Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM).

Quantification of Fat

Measurement of fat deposition throughout the body is increasingly important given the obesity epidemic. We are interested in extending fat quantification techniques to challenging conditions such as abdominal and cardiac motion and presence of iron.

Quantitative MR Phantoms

We develop MR phantoms that simulate the simultaneous presence of water, fat, and iron in the liver. These phantoms serve as an important standard for validating novel quantification MR methods, as well as quality assurance in clinical scanners.