Medical Image Science: Mathematical and Conceptual Foundations

(Medical Physics/Biomedical Engineering 573)

Instructors: Diego Hernando, PhD, and Sean Fain, PhD
Offered: Fall Semester

This course covers the mathematical fundamentals required for medical imaging science. Prof. Hernando covers fundamentals of signal analysis with an emphasis on Fourier transforms in one and multiple dimensions. Additional topics include noise in imaging and image reconstruction. This is a hands-on course with a combination of theoretical foundations (on the white board) and computational exercises (using a language such as Python or Matlab) on real and simulated datasets. Mathematical concepts are presented in the context of real-world clinical and research challenges.

Imaging in Medicine: Applications

(Medical Physics/Biomedical Engineering 574)

Instructors: Diego Hernando, PhD, and Sean Fain, PhD
Offered: Spring Semester

This course covers topics in medical imaging and image processing, including image reconstruction, registration, and segmentation. These topics provide a deeper understanding of medical imaging systems, and are important for both the characterization of existing systems and for the development of novel imaging techniques. Prof. Hernando covers optimization problems and techniques, which have general applications in imaging and byond, as well image reconstruction. This course will combine a theoretical framework with computational examples and exercises.